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Lending Hands
Personalized in-home care services for the aging community

About Us

The Lending Hands Mission


After years of working in a variety of health care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, as well as with in-home care agencies, Lending Hands founder, Chrissy Biag saw first-hand the care seniors were receiving.  It soon became her mission to build an at-home senior companion care business that did better.

"I wanted to build a brand that took senior care to the next level, by truly understanding empathy and a real desire to help those who once helped us."

- Chrissy Biaggio, Lending Hands Founder  

At Lending Hands we care about true companionship.  We are invested in our clients and want to see them grow and live life to its fullest.  We are not there to simply be a body.  We focus on building relationships and providing superior, quality care by reducing the feelings of isolation and loss.  We take a human approach. 

The Human Approach


The feeling of loss and isolation is far too great for many aging seniors.  Having a loving, smiling companion to help them throughout their day-to-day can add years of quality to their lives.  Whether it is someone to  complete their daily chores to keep their home safe and clean, or someone to join them for a game of backgammon, it is our priority that they understand we are there to lend a hand to make their lives as enjoyable as they can be.  

Being Efficient & Fair

Beyond the personal approach we take, we also understand efficiency and fairness.  

A perfect example of this is our one-hour minimums.  The industry standard is often a two-hour minimum; meaning, in order to receive in-home care the client must agree to pay for at least two hours of services.  Many times, two hours is not necessary, which is why we separate ourselves from that standard with a one-hour minimum.  Now, if you want us to stay all day, we will!  But you would be surprised what can be accomplished in a single hour.  

Lending Hands is an LLC.  Approved payment options are Veteran's pay or private pay.  

“The staff at Lending Hands are extremely warm-hearted and cheerful.  They perform their duties in a prompt and timely manner, all while being thorough and professional.  I highly recommend them!"  

  - S. Jones

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