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Being a caregiver is hard, especially when you have your own busy schedule.  Care should not be compromised, but the reality is, one person cannot be two places at once.  Something has to give.  This is why Lending Hands was created.  We are happy to provide the extra support you need.  Unlike some of our competitors, we offer a one-hour care minimum, instead of two.  So, whether it's a one-time offering or extended care solutions, we will help your loved one feel healthy and accomplished with our senior care services.

Our personal assistants offer customized solutions encompassing everything from personal care and grooming to being a friendly companion, engaging them in cognitive exercises through board games and communication.  We will work with you and your loved one to create a tailored plan that enables them to continue to live independently in a safe manner.


Walking & Fitness Assistance

We work with our clients to build strength, enhancing their balance.  This results in a reduced the risk of falls.  This is a critical component to living independently.  

Housekeeping Assistance

Light housekeeping services are available, ranging from mopping and vacuuming, to dusting and doing the dishes.  

Email & Social Media Assistance

From creating an email account, to teaching your loved one how to use social platforms, we will help train them on these tools to stay connected with friends and family. 

Meal Planning & Preparation

Our certified nutritionist will work with your loved one to create meal plans in advance and assist with preparation, encouraging healthy eating habits.

Transportation & Standby Assistance

Whether it is a hair appointment or physical therapy, we will provide transportation to and from, and wait during, if requested.  

Medication Monitoring & Reminder Assistance

Whether it is scheduled visits to monitor medications were taken as prescribed, or  reminder calls to ensure medications were taken as they should, we can help.

Grocery & Errand Assistance

Whether is is grabbing the weekly groceries, mailing packages, or picking up medications from the pharmacy, we are happy to offer a lending hand.

Personal Care & Grooming Assistance

Things just get harder, and we get that.  Allow us to assist with personal care and grooming needs in a professional and dignified manner.

Cognitive and Memory Stimulation

Loneliness takes a toll on a person's cognitive function.  To counter this, we offer companion care services,  taking an invested role in your loved one's wellbeing and care.


Contact us for a tailored home-care service plan.

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